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Our Response to Covid-19

We are closely following the impact of Covid-19 on our patients and our staff.

Advanced Technology

Artificial intelligence is used to measure wounds automatically and accurately.

WP Supply Delivery System

With our WP Supply delivery platform, patients receive their supplies within 48 hours.


Welcome to The Wound Pros!

Finally, you can have it all! Expert wound care, technology and advanced wound care dressings.
The Wound Pros provides the most comprehensive wound care services in the industry. As a Medicare Part B Biller, we have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that our patients that receive advanced wound care dressings have the best possible chance of healing.
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COVID-19: Our Response

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We provide comprehensive wound care services for better wound care outcomes

Since the beginning, The Wound Pros has embraced a multidisciplinary approach to wound care and wound care management.

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We’ve combined a unique service strategy that blends the highest level of health care with exceptional service and advanced technology.

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